Invoice Factoring

Case Study - £400,000 Invoice Discounting Facility

An Invoice Discounting Facility of £400,000 to Help a Client Grow

At Senate Money we use our experience and market knowledge to source the best invoice discounting facility for the needs of your business. This case study details a £400,000 invoice discounting facility we sourced for a client, which removed cash flow concerns during a period of significant growth.

Case Study - £180,000 Invoice discounting facility

£180,000 Invoice Discounting Facility for Software Development Company

The benefit of coming to Senate Money for help and advice in the invoice financing arena is that we know the marketplace well, and can find the best funder to suit any particular circumstance. In this case, we were able to recommend and set up a £180,000 Invoice Discounting Facility for a Software Development Company.

Case Study - £180,000 Invoice Factoring Facility

Invoice Factoring Solves a Company’s Cash Flow Problems and Reduces Stress

In our experience, many smaller businesses are not very good at managing their cash flow. The invoices go out and, quite often, they are paid late, which causes stress and cash flow problems. This case study looks at a company that we helped in that position with a £180,000 invoice factoring facility.

Case Study - £400,000 Invoice factoring facility

£400,000 Invoice Financing Secured for New Client  

This case study looks at how we secured an initial facility of £400,000 from an invoice finance company for a new client, who needed a quick response and solution, having won several large new contracts. This supported them in terms of cash flow and working capital during a significant growth phase for the business.