Commercial Bridging Loans and Property Development Finance

If your business is looking for short term finance in the form of a commercial bridging loan or a property development loan, we can help. Click here to some of our case studies in this area.

Commercial Bridging Loans

Commercial bridging loans are a form of short term finance which can help your business secure a property purchase or raise a loan secured on an existing property. They bridge the gap between being unable to access the necessary capital and the need to move a transaction forward and do so while relieving the pressure of having to find the funds required quickly.

So, whether your business is looking to purchase property at auction, for buy to let or to enhance your property portfolio, then a commercial bridging loan could be just the thing.

How we find the right Bridging Loan for you

At Senate Money we have access to all of the UK's leading lenders, which means we can source the right commercial bridging loan finance that is tailored to your needs. Bridging loans offer many benefits, including:

·         Flexible loan terms of between 1 and 24 months,

·         Market leading rates

·         Loan to value of up to 80%

·         Loan to purchase of up to 80%

·         No maximum limit

·         Employed, self-employed and Limited Company applications

Contact us about Commercial Bridging Loans

If your business has found the commercial property it wishes to purchase or you are looking to refurbish an existing property, and you need short term funding to complete the transaction, contact us or call us on 01675 443878. We can help find the right commercial bridging loan solution for you.

Property Development Finance

Property development loans are designed to finance commercial property projects, and are usually offered to experienced builders or developers, for refurbishments and renovations. They are used to fund all aspects of the project, whether it is the materials or labour and for many purposes, including:

·         Eco holiday homes

·         Conversions

·         New build developments

·         Industrial units

·         Offices and retail

We Can Provide the Right Property Development Finance Options

We have access to all of the UK's leading lenders specialising in property development finance.  Once we have met you and understood your requirements, we can source a loan that is tailored to your needs. Property development finance offers many benefits, including:

·         Senior debt up to 75% of Gross Development Value 

·         Rates available for 1 to 36 month terms 

·         Up to 100% build cost funded 

·         Up to 90% total costs, land and build, can be funded

·         Exit finance can be arranged

Contact us about Property Development Finance

Contact us or call us on 01675 443878 for a free initial, no obligation chat. We can arrange a solution which will help get your project started quickly.