Strictly speaking working capital is the simple balance between your net assets and net liabilities.

However, in most general senses the term means the fluid cash available to see the survival or growth of your business.

Over the last ten years or so the ability to borrow funds to improve cash flow or to take advantage of a real opportunity has diminished considerably and left many business owners seeking working capital funding from many of the new lenders that have arisen during the same period.
Peer to peer and crowdfunding have now made it possible to parade your business plans to potential investors who will simply seek a higher return from their commitment that the banks can provide. Typically working capital funding is available depending on the strength of the businesses latest accounts. Working capital can be for short term projects from three months onwards. 

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At Senate we understand that borrowing money can be daunting and like to think that we can guide you through every step of the way without the layers of extra management that often delay the decision making process.

We’re used to responding to your needs as and when they arise and when you spot an opportunity that you know will boost your profits we want to help celebrate your success after we help you raise the funds to make it happen. After all opportunity rarely knocks twice.

We can raise working capital funding for you, without any up front fees enabling you to genuinely find out how much is available for free. If you’d like a chat with someone that will understand exactly what you are trying to achieve and, if we can’t help we’ll make sure we point you in the right direction.

We understand how hard being in business can be, we’d like to think our approach is different but the reality is we’re a fast moving business run with old fashion values. We like to think we’re a good friend to have on your side, why not find out how we sound? Please call us on 01675 443878, or contact us and we’ll call you.