Case Study - Bridging Loan for a Client

Commercial Bridging Loan Helps a Client Receive £200,000 More for a Property

This case study demonstrates how valuable a short term bridging loan can be when it comes to the property market, enabling a client to receive £200,000 more for the sale of a property than otherwise.

The details of this Commercial Bridging Loan

We received an urgent call from a commercial estate agent advising that they had a client who needed to sell a property worth around £750,000 for £500,000 quickly. Within three days!

Whilst we had a number of our own clients who might well have been interested in the opportunity we offered an alternative strategy involving a bridging loan to raise the short term finance that the client needed, giving him more time to get a better price for the property.

We were able to negotiate a three month commercial bridging loan facility, which enabled him to market his commercial property professionally and obtain a sale at £700,000, £200,000 more than he was initially prepared to accept. Once the interest on the bridging loan and other professional fees were accounted for, our client was still significantly in profit on the deal.

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Bridging loans help bridge the gap between being unable to access the necessary capital and the need to move a transaction forward while relieving the pressure of finding funds quickly. This is true whether its property bought at auction, for buy to let, to enhance your property portfolio or, as in this case, to allow the client to get a better price for the sale of a property sale.

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