Case Studies for Commercial Mortgages

Some of Our Successful Commercial Property Mortgage Deals

The commercial mortgage market is crowded and complex, with lots of different products. It’s difficult to navigate your way around it without expert help. This is where we come in. This article looks at three recent case studies where we successfully delivered what our clients needed.

1. £255,000 Commercial Mortgage Secured without Company Accounts

In this case, our client was looking to buy a guest house for £300,000, the problem being that they had no company accounts to show and a deposit of only £50,000. Under most circumstances, that would not look promising, but after meeting the client and understanding his business, we were satisified that it was a growing concern and were able to convince the commercial mortgage provider that this was the case.

The outcome was that we managed to secure a £255,000 commercial mortgage funding at a very competitive rate (please note interest rates vary upon the strength of the application).

The client has subsequently bought two further similar properties and this portfolio has produced an increasing asset to borrow against.

2. Commercial Remortgage Despite an Individual Voluntary Arrangement

 We were introduced to this client by his accountant who was advising the business on insolvency following an IVA.

 The client owned a commercial property worth £500,000, with a £250,000 existing mortgage that was in arrears and an outstanding, unpaid tax liability of £50,000. On the face of, the situation was not encouraging. However, our knowledge of Commercial Property Mortgage lenders and the products that were available helped us to secure a commercial remortgage for £325,000 at monthly payments less than the existing mortgage,  and a sum of £50,000 to clear the outstanding tax liability.

Securing a 100% Commercial Mortgage

This client was looking to buy a country home to convert to retirement living accommodation, at a cost of £1.5m, and without a deposit. No deposit is a rarity in the Commercial mortgages market, but our ability to find the right lender and negotiate the deal our client needed meant that we managed to secure the 100% funding on the project over a 25 year term.

Part of the initial period of the loan was interest only with additional security taken against the client’s existing care home business.

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